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Why EMA ?
Why EMA ?
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What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation meaning that electrical impulses across the skin for therapeutic purposes. The goal of using TENS machine is to reduce pain by using Gate Control Theory at the level of spinal cord. The TENS machine generates electrical currents of a specific frequency which selectively stimulate non-painful A Beta nerves. These currents also appear to help release endorphin (naturally occurring morphine-like substances) in the body to future help reduce pain.


What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device sends electrical impulses to create involuntary muscle contraction. This device stimulates the nerves by electrical impulses. Those impulses can go through muscles to develop muscle contraction. With EMS machine it’s mandatory for clients to do specific exercises to gain their own goals.

What is EMA?

EMA is Electrical Muscle Activation. Amplitrain is a device that provides EMA. With Amplitrain, electrical stimulation goes through all muscle fibers to improve strength and endurance in muscles. This innovative, and highly effective high-tech device stimulates muscle fibers without stimulating nerves, so we don’t bother nerves with this machine. By maximally contracting a muscle, at best, only %30 of all muscle fibers are in a state of contraction. With Amplitrain we work on all muscle fibers by using electrical impulses in the modulated mid-frequency range of 2000 Hz. Clients don’t need to have exercise. However, doing some activities during working with Amplitrain can make achievement of client’s goal easier and faster.

Advantages of EMA?

  1. volume effect - all tissues are detected

  2. tissue activation - metabolism of the cells is activated

  3. depth effect - the signal purity remains intact even in lower layers

  4. So-called physiological muscle action - activation of the muscle cells without involving nerve stimulation.


In brief, EMA/Amplitrain is an upgraded EMS machine. Thus, we can adjust EMA/Amplitrain to produce EMS or even TENS effects. EMA/Amplitrain is a perfect high-tech workout for people of all ages, including seniors, as you are not required to perform any other exercises.

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