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  • How long does every session last ?
    Basically, our EMA training session will last 20 minutes. If you are new to this training, the session will be more than 20 minutes since you need to be explained and trained to do this amazing workout.
  • How many sessions per week do I need for this special training?
    EMA training works vigorously on your body, so we recommend that twice a week since your muscles need to rest and prepare for the next sessions. However, it depends upon person. If you do exercise on a regular base you can do it every other day, or even for athletes every day.
  • Do I need any special equipment with me during training?
    No, you don’t need to bring any special equipment. We will provide everything you need during training at our club.
  • Can I combine EMA with any other exercises ?
    Yes, you can. Performing other exercises along with EMA will make your EMA sessions more effective. Depending upon your interests we can recommend other training to complement you EMA sessions.
  • What is the benefit of EMA for me?
    We can stimulate all the major muscle groups with EMA, so it is uppermost effective training for losing weight, enhancing your fitness level, and increaing muscle strength and endurance. EMA can be used as a rehabilitation method after injuries. It is useful for relieving the joints stress and pain. It’s helpful for decreasing back pain and muscle tightening. To recap, EMA is the easiest and fastest way to achieve your all fitness goals.
  • How the EMA training can be so effective?
    With a maximum contraction of a muscle, at best, only %30 of muscle fibers will work. This high-tech workout can recruit all the muscle fibers at the same time, so it’s very effective.
  • Are there any limitations or concerns regarding EMA training ?
    There are some contraindications for this training: Heart pacemaker Pregnancy Hypertension or severe hypotension Abdominal wall or an inguinal hernia Tuberculosis Cancers Diabetes mellitus Severe neurological illnesses (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis) Fever, acute bacterial or viral infections
  • Can I use EMA after pregnancy ?
    Yes, certainly. Training with EMA can help you to back to your normal size again. However, it is extremely necessary to consult with your doctor before starting EMA training.
  • Do I need to wear any outfits for this training ?
    No, you don’t. You will need to wear an undergarment, and a suit on top of that. We will spray water on suit and make it wet before you wear it in order to ensure that appropriate impulses can transfer and go through your muscles. The electrodes need to be dampened for good contact between the machine and the customer. But that won’t be too much to annoy you.
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