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Our Team

Afsaneh Farzi

Afsaneh Farzi studied medicine in Iran and graduated as a general physician. She ran two clinics as an emergency doctor and manager for more than 12 years. She has always had a special interest in Medical Aesthetics and sports. She got a Diploma from Mila d’Opiz Swiss Art of Beauty in 2004. She certified as a Medical Aesthetician from British Columbia Academy of Medical Aesthetic and Skin Care. She also certified as an Occupational/ Physiotherapy Assistant from CDI college. Encouraging people to be active, healthy and getting back to their normal lives after injuries are her utmost goals. She is also interested in beauty and fitness. She does ski, yoga, Pilates, swimming, and is a member of a fitness club. She believes that doing exercises and taking care of your skin can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence and tries to encourage people to be heathier.

Pirouz Arasteh

Pirouz worked as an Anesthesiologist for 25 years in Iran. He worked in the field of aesthetics for more than 13 years and is an international medical aesthetics instructor. Pirouz trained in the US, Italy, Switzerland, and Russia, and is a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine. He is certified as a Medical Aesthetician from BC Academy of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care and is a member of the Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons.

Pirouz has always been interested in sports and skin care. He plays tennis and enjoys horseback riding, and he is a member of a fitness club in Canada.

Pirouz believes that fitness is not only exercise, but it is also a lifestyle.


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Amplitrain is a state-of-the-art device for fitness.

It is time saving, safe and vigorously effective for a full-body workout.

Amplitrain uses Electrical Muscle Activation (EMA) equipment which includes a sophisticated terminal, high-tech electrodes embedded in a suit, and a smart app.

With Amplitrain, electrical stimulation goes through your muscle fibers to improve strength and endurance. Electrical impulses in the modulated mid-frequency range of 2000 Hz ensure that your workout is effective and efficient.



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Our Address:

488 Drake Street, 

Vancouver, BC V6B 5S9,



+1 (604) 262 1002

+1 (778) 955 7800

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